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Morris Scottson features in “This Is Not Fine” – Music video by Selekt Few

Honestly the best piece of political satire in an Australian music video clip I’ve ever seen” – A Completely Impartial Individual. 

Get ready to lose yourself laughing as you follow the story of “Morris Scottson” of the “Literal Party” as he muddles his way through life treating every moment like it was an election campaign. 

Don’t bother trying to hold in the laughter as you witness Morris’s seemingly never-ending series of embarrassing public gaffes, including getting caught deceiving the public by taking time off to holiday by the beachside amidst a nation-wide bushfire crisis.

Watch as Morris appears increasingly frustrated before eventually descending into a deep darkness in the final moments of the video.

If all this sound a little too familiar, you will NOT want to miss this brand new music video for “This Is Not Fine” by Perth-based hip hop group Selekt Few.