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Selekt Few ‘MD’ Album Launch (May 16, 2014)

Friends and fans we have an announcement to make!

Selekt Few are holding an album launch gig for the debut LP entitled “MD”, on 16 May at Mojo’s in Fremantle. We’ll be supported by some of our favourite local hip hop talent; FGJamahl RyderParadox and Wisdom2th.


For the last five years we have been practising, recording and mixing our own music and we are finally happy enough to put out a release. Over the years, many of you have given us advice or otherwise shown us support.

Now we want to invite you to buy an exclusive Launch Ticket + CD combo for just $20!

There are only 250 tickets available to the launch.  It will be a great night with some of our favourite local artists and many of our closest friends, family and fans attending. This is a great opportunity to get all of you who have supported us together, in one room, for an enjoyable evening hearing the fruits of our labour.

Sure, we want to sell some of our CD’s. But the primary focus of this event is getting our friends and family together to see and hear what all that time we were spending was for.

We need your help to make it happen, there’s no turning back!!!

Buy your tickets now and join our Facebook event!

Selekt Few – Listen feat. Paradox

Every now and then Paradox flicks me a beat that he doesn’t really like and I do.  This one was kind off his older stack of beats but i really liked it and pestered him for it when I heard it.  I don’t remember when that was but it sat on the hard drive and looped in our brains till October 2010.

Shareef set the tone of the track with his verse, followed a few weeks later by myself.  We seem to always end up with Paradox on his own beats and while we hadn’t planned to do it, it happened.  I added Paradox to our Wave for the track (we use(d) Google Wave for sharing and writing lyrics) and asked if he’d want to join us on it, a few days later he had his verse in there.

It sat around for a while with Shareef and I practicing it in our practice sessions, but we never recorded anything.  Around October 2011 Paradox came up to the city for the weekend and he stopped by so we decided to record it all.

Over the course of the next 5 months I edited and mixed the tune, slowly while taking care of everything else.  A month ago we got to a place where I was happy enough to show everyone and here we are now.