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On Country nominated for WAM Song Of The Year award!

It’s true! Our song ‘On Country’ feat. Bryte MC, Della Rae Morrison, Ronnie Smith and Charley, has been nominated for a 2015 WAM Song Of The Year award in the “Outstanding Indigenous” category.

We’d like to thank everyone involved. By the time we finished creating the song 14 people had contributed, and every contribution makes this song as powerful as it is.

Firstly, thanks to Bryte for engaging with enthusiasm from the very first mention of the idea, up at Parliament House for the first call to action against the forced closures. Your strong verse right at the centre of the song adds so much power and authenticity – the song would not be what it is without you. Thanks for being so deadly, so keen and so easy to work with; no doubt we will do plenty more work together in the future. Continue reading

Think About That… All ages gig, November 8

The youth of Perth need more positive entertainment and fun, alcohol-free environments in which to enjoy it.

On November 8, local hip hop artists will host a gold coin entry, all ages gig at HQ Leederville.

Positive, fun and entertaining.

Selekt Few will host the afternoon, and will be performing on the bill along side Perth hip hop legend Graphic, the heavily slept on L.S.D & The Missus and the ever impressive Bryte MC. Plus a huge line-up of special supporting guests including Rob Shaker, Callum Presbury and Charley Caruso.

In a world where everything is ‘user pays’, the youth and low income earners often miss out on the best entertainment. That’s why this is low cost – gold coin entry – so everyone can come!

But we need your help to fund it!


Continue reading

Last year we hid a song in our digital release Pt. 2

Continuing on from our post on hiding songs in digital releases a few weeks ago, we’re finally back to divulge our secrets. A few people sent me messages to say they found where the file was hidden, but no one actually worked out how to get it.  The secret track is hidden inside the HD artwork “Selekt Few – MD – Selekt Few MD Bonus Artwork-HD.jpg”, you just have to unzip it.

How to get to the secret track

On Windows:

  1. Start by purchasing our album on bandcamp
  2. Unzip the bandcamp archive using your favourite zip tool
  3. Open the file ‘Selekt Few – MD – Selekt Few MD Bonus Artwork-HD.jpg‘ in your favourite zip tool and unzip it.  If you have problems, try WinZIP or WinRAR.

On Mac:

  1. Start by purchasing our album on bandcamp
  2. Unzip the bandcamp archive using your favourite zip tool
  3. Open Terminal.app
  4. Type unzip, then a space, then drag ‘Selekt Few – MD – Selekt Few MD Bonus Artwork-HD.jpg‘ into the Terminal window and press Return.
  5. Your user directory should now contain ‘00-Selekt Few-Listen feat. Paradox-16bit-44k-master.mp3‘.

So there you have it, you can now enjoy our digital hidden track.  Keep your eyes peeled for Pt. 3 to learn how to hide tracks in your own digital releases.