This Is Not Fine

Cover:This Is Not Fine

This Is Not Fine is a smooth but seething piece of political commentary and a sombre reflection on the world we are all experiencing as Australian’s in 2020.

While undertones of anger are ever present, the lyrics of this song provide a clarion call for empathy, maturity and understanding in our society – rightly pointing out that this is not the time for the kind of “emotional stage fright” too often shown by political leaders.

With clear intent listeners are encouraged to process the raw emotion associated with witnessing the loss of homes, of human life, and the lives of billions of animals during the 2019-20 bushfire season, and to feel empathy for people locked-in as a result of COVID-19.

With sombre tones and a heavy heaping of defiance, Selekt Few take aim at Prime Minister and his Government; outlining a series of missteps and calling into question the ‘family values man’ image espoused by the PM.

From the Murray-Darling River fiasco, to ignoring firefighters requests for funding, to the PMs’ decision to holiday in Hawaii during our nation’s biggest bushfire crisis, to drinking at the footie during the second wave outbreak of COVID-19 – there’s a lot of ground to cover.

Produced by Rob Shaker (R. Lake)
Written and performed by Percuss (G. Tangey) and Shareef (L. Skinner)
Cuts performed by DJ Tek (T. Lumia)
Mixed by Ruxton (G. Tangey)
Mastered by Joe Carra @ Crystal Mastering
Artwork used with permission from KC Green

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  • 2This Is Not Fine (Instrumental)