• Cover:Selekt Few – On Country (Single)
    A clean and enjoyable musical experience. A strong call to action against forced community closures. ALL OUR PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF THIS SONG WILL BE DONATED TO #SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA Get it on: bandcamp | itunes | google music | spotify
    • 1On Country (feat. Bryte MC, Della Rae Morrison, Ronnie Smith & Charley)
    • 2On Country (Instrumental)
  • Cover:Selekt Few – MD
    Our debut 7 track album, with beats produced by MD and 2 remixes from our good friends Paradox & Lenny Rudeberg. Get it on: bandcamp | itunes | google music | spotify
    • 104:42Rights & Responsibilities feat. MD & Charley Caruso
    • 204:06Pretty Woman feat. FG & Callum Presbury
    • 303:51Tired
    • 403:24One of Those Days
    • 503:32Spatters
    • 603:07Hacker Mentality
    • 702:34Words (2013)
    • 803:45One of Those Days (Paradox Remix)
    • 902:38Hacker Mentality (Lenny Rudeberg Remix)
  • Cover:Australian Hip Hop Supports Canteen
    The first release we had a track on, you’ll find us on the 2nd last track of CD2.  This 2CD compilation was one of the final projects by local rapper Hunter, who started the project in 2009 when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.