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Our own music, track by track.

Rights & Responsibilities – WA ELECTION EDITION

This one goes out to all those people who wish they didn’t have to vote in the West Australian Senate Election yesterday.

Women risk death to vote in Afghanistan on the same day West Australian's complain about 'having to vote again'.

These women in Afghanistan are PROUDLY risking death, kidnapping, torture and social exclusion to have their say in how their country runs.

Democracy means “People Power”.

The price for having a government which acts in the best interests of it’s citizens is eternal vigilance by those citizens.¬†You can either be a subservient subject of some elite be they a religious elite, royal family or wealthy land owner; or you can choose to be a citizen of a democratic nation. Continue reading

Rights & Responsibilities ft. MD & Charley Caruso

Introducing the first official single from our debut album:
Rights & Responsibilities (ft. MD & Charley Caruso)

Much of this song came together by chance. We have bought many beats off Mdusu over the years and one day he asked to buy back one of the beats, (generously offering to pay more than he sold it to us for). Instead we came to a different agreement.

Mdusu would exchange the beat for another one we liked and also lay down a verse.

I (Shareef) had found this simple, crisp beat in his collection a long time ago and liked it, but Percuss had knocked it back on at least two occasions. Continue reading

Selekt Few – Jess Rose (Tribute) feat. Cass

This is a very special song, a tribute to my cousin Jessica Rose Joss who left this world on March 8, 2011 aged 19. Far too young. A wonderful girl with an incredibly bright spirit that I can still see shining in my mind. Many many thanks to Mdusu for the beat.

The loss of Jess changed me and my whole family in ways incomprehensible, and prepared me to endure other painful losses since. It’s a sad reality that people we love in this world will die and often too young.

But that doesn’t mean we should give up.

– Shareef

Here’s the lyrics: Continue reading