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Recording Drums For New Releases

If you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to, pondering questions like “Where’s all the new music?”. Well, we’ve been busy enjoying life and working on new songs.

A few weeks ago, after months of planning we visited Underground Recording Studios and recorded 5 drum tracks for new songs.  Here’s a short video of two of those songs Back It Up & Goes On.

We’ve been following the drummer Brody on instagram and YouTube for quite a while now and previously had him do a small part on our most recent single, On Country. So when we needed better drum lines in more songs, he was our natural (and only) choice.

If you want some great drums, from a solid drummer hit up Brody at Real Drums For You.

Pretty Woman feat. FG & Callum Presbury (Live @ Mojos Bar 16-05-2014)

A little under 2 years ago on the 16th of May 2014, we launched our debut album MD at Mojos Bar in North Fremantle. The line up featured many of our good musician friends (The Lost & Found Trio, Jamahl Ryder, Rights & Paradox, FG, Wisdom2th) and the crowd was filled with all our other friends.

We recorded the whole nights audio and managed to get some video footage too.  So we’ve dubbed together the audio and video of one to make a live video of Pretty Woman feat. FG & Callum Presbury.  This my friends, is the last verse our pal FG performed live before hanging up the mic.

On Country nominated for WAM Song Of The Year award!

It’s true! Our song ‘On Country’ feat. Bryte MC, Della Rae Morrison, Ronnie Smith and Charley, has been nominated for a 2015 WAM Song Of The Year award in the “Outstanding Indigenous” category.

We’d like to thank everyone involved. By the time we finished creating the song 14 people had contributed, and every contribution makes this song as powerful as it is.

Firstly, thanks to Bryte for engaging with enthusiasm from the very first mention of the idea, up at Parliament House for the first call to action against the forced closures. Your strong verse right at the centre of the song adds so much power and authenticity – the song would not be what it is without you. Thanks for being so deadly, so keen and so easy to work with; no doubt we will do plenty more work together in the future. Continue reading