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New Video – Not My Way feat. Paradox & Callex

It’s here! Our music video for ‘Not My Way feat. Paradox & Callex’.

Content warning: suicide, depression, anxiety.

Perth Hip Hop trio Selekt Few broach the delicate topic of depression in the storytelling music video, Not My Way.

Supported by Paradox and Callex, they rap frankly about feelings of depression, anxiety and being overwhelmed by the realities of every day life.

The song with its rock-ballad style hook acknowledges the daily personal struggles, encouraging people to continue to live.

Two young boys, who characterise rappers Percuss and Shareef, are seduced by the idea of death in the moving and emblematic music video directed by Steve Browne.

Taken from the forthcoming EP – #1 Solace Lane. Pre-order now:

Recording Drums For New Releases

If you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to, pondering questions like “Where’s all the new music?”. Well, we’ve been busy enjoying life and working on new songs.

A few weeks ago, after months of planning we visited Underground Recording Studios and recorded 5 drum tracks for new songs.  Here’s a short video of two of those songs Back It Up & Goes On.

We’ve been following the drummer Brody on instagram and YouTube for quite a while now and previously had him do a small part on our most recent single, On Country. So when we needed better drum lines in more songs, he was our natural (and only) choice.

If you want some great drums, from a solid drummer hit up Brody at Real Drums For You.