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Morris Scottson features in “This Is Not Fine” – Music video by Selekt Few

Honestly the best piece of political satire in an Australian music video clip I’ve ever seen” – A Completely Impartial Individual. 

Get ready to lose yourself laughing as you follow the story of “Morris Scottson” of the “Literal Party” as he muddles his way through life treating every moment like it was an election campaign. 

Don’t bother trying to hold in the laughter as you witness Morris’s seemingly never-ending series of embarrassing public gaffes, including getting caught deceiving the public by taking time off to holiday by the beachside amidst a nation-wide bushfire crisis.

Watch as Morris appears increasingly frustrated before eventually descending into a deep darkness in the final moments of the video.

If all this sound a little too familiar, you will NOT want to miss this brand new music video for “This Is Not Fine” by Perth-based hip hop group Selekt Few.


This Is Not Fine - licensed promotion image

THIS IS NOT FINE – an open letter to the PM

I write this letter in earnest.

Over the past six months we have had the chance to see the very best of you as our PM.

In the moment you decided to work together with State Premiers on co-ordinated lockdowns and began to convene National Cabinet day in day out.

When your Government worked closely with Unions to bring in a Jobs Guarantee, saving millions of jobs in the process.

In the decisions to immediately double Newstart payments, lifting tens of thousands of Australians out of poverty and preventing hundreds of thousands more entering it – albeit temporarily.

At these times you were at your very best.

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Selekt Few @ Perth Festival – Rights & Responsibilities + Chevwrong

Yesterday we performed at Perth Festival in support of two artists we love – Kate Tempest & Omar Musa – on a stage sponsored by fossil fuel giant Chevron. Rather than say no to the opportunity, we thought we would use the platform to speak a few truth’s about why Chevron is the wrong company to sponsor our premier arts festival. 

Watch the video and catch our live performance of Rights & Responsibilities, before listening to Shareef drop a few truth bombs on Chevron.

Text of the full speech:

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