On Country nominated for WAM Song Of The Year award!

It’s true! Our song ‘On Country’ feat. Bryte MC, Della Rae Morrison, Ronnie Smith and Charley, has been nominated for a 2015 WAM Song Of The Year award in the “Outstanding Indigenous” category.

We’d like to thank everyone involved. By the time we finished creating the song 14 people had contributed, and every contribution makes this song as powerful as it is.

Firstly, thanks to Bryte for engaging with enthusiasm from the very first mention of the idea, up at Parliament House for the first call to action against the forced closures. Your strong verse right at the centre of the song adds so much power and authenticity – the song would not be what it is without you. Thanks for being so deadly, so keen and so easy to work with; no doubt we will do plenty more work together in the future.

Rob Shaker at Shakedown Studios for also getting on board as soon as we contacted him to produce the beat, helping set the timeline to make the song happen and recording at his studio. Rob also put us in touch with Brendan Scott Grey and Matt Smith for the fast creative addition of trumpet, french horn and saxamaphone. It was our first time working on a full song together with Rob and it was a pleasure.

Huge thanks to Della, Charley and Ronnie for bringing so much soul and depth to the song. Your beautiful hook provides the positive spiritual element required to balance out the energy of the verses. Special thanks to Della for being a person who makes lyrics happen. Della and Charley were key organisers for the rally mentioned above, and it was Charley’s awesome idea to contact Mitch Torres co-founder of SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA for a contribution.

Many thanks to Mitch for her strong spoken word contribution, for being so efficient and so strongly supportive from day one. Also thanks for introducing us to many amazing people, endorsing our song and helping us set up the fundraiser for SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA. Your words carry with them the strong connection to country which made this song complete. Thank you.

Joe Carra at Crystal Mastering mastered a lot of Percuss’ favourite Australian rap albums. So when it came time to do our own album, it was a no brainer, we’d been listening to his work for longer than we’d realised. Joe once again, quickly turned around a solid master on this song and even waived his fee after hearing our plans for the song. We appreciate Joe’s work a lot and as long as he is mastering, he’ll get our work. Check out Joe’s credit list on Discogs.

Brody Simpson at Underground Recording Studio/Real Drums For You is the best drummer Percuss has seen in a long while and he could watch him drum for days. With one days notice, having never met or heard of us, Brody laid down a snare roll for this track and also waived his fee. We’ll definitely be working with Brody on more songs in the future. Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

In addition to those who contributed to the sound of the song, many thanks go out to Badimaya woman Julie Dowling for creating this unique visual piece to represent the song.

Julie Dowling digital for the Selekt Few song 'On Country'

Finally we’d like to thank everyone who has shown their support for this cause, whether via purchasing a copy of the song, attending a rally against community closures, donating to SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA or contributing another way. It’s the efforts you make, and we make collectively, which will bring about a better future for all.

That’s what this is all about. An award nomination is great, it feels good to be recognised for our hard work. But more importantly, it’s an opportunity to get the message of this song out even further: We will not stand for the dismantling of Aboriginal Communities.

We stand with all Aboriginal people living ‘On Country’ and pay our respects to elders past and present.