Rights & Responsibilities – WA ELECTION EDITION

This one goes out to all those people who wish they didn’t have to vote in the West Australian Senate Election yesterday.

Women risk death to vote in Afghanistan on the same day West Australian's complain about 'having to vote again'.

These women in Afghanistan are PROUDLY risking death, kidnapping, torture and social exclusion to have their say in how their country runs.

Democracy means “People Power”.

The price for having a government which acts in the best interests of it’s citizens is eternal vigilance by those citizens. You can either be a subservient subject of some elite be they a religious elite, royal family or wealthy land owner; or you can choose to be a citizen of a democratic nation.

If you choose the latter then you choose to work together with the people around you to build a society which works for each other. That means you have certain responsibilities to each other and to society as a whole. The responsibility to help each other and to work together in making important decisions about how our nation works.

That means at VERY LEAST the responsibility to make informed decisions at referenda and elections. It means the responsibility to pay taxes in order to fund public schools and hospitals which benefit us all. It means agreeing not to be a murderer or rapist.

These are your irrevocable responsibilities when you live in a nation run by an alliance of citizens. Democracy is government “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

You ARE those people. The Government IS us.

When you refuse your responsibility to take part in that government, you are tearing up the contract which gives you the right to live in our shared democracy.

When any citizen refuses their responsibility to actively participate in governing our country, it is a major loss for democracy and a serious win for those who wish to turn us back into “subjects”.

Every single right comes with responsibility. Don’t give up your responsibilities.

– Shareef

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