Rights & Responsibilities ft. MD & Charley Caruso

Introducing the first official single from our debut album:
Rights & Responsibilities (ft. MD & Charley Caruso)

Much of this song came together by chance. We have bought many beats off Mdusu over the years and one day he asked to buy back one of the beats, (generously offering to pay more than he sold it to us for). Instead we came to a different agreement.

Mdusu would exchange the beat for another one we liked and also lay down a verse.

I (Shareef) had found this simple, crisp beat in his collection a long time ago and liked it, but Percuss had knocked it back on at least two occasions.

Mdusu and I had for years debated various issues relating to our various rights and responsibilities as members of a society, so the topic for the song came about quite easily.

Rights & Responsibilities for me is a song about the direction our world is headed in. It’s about the need for all of us to start taking responsibility. Responsibility for our own words, decisions and actions. Responsibility for each other. Responsibility for the environment.

I have no doubt the human race has the capacity to build a better future in which people are treated equally and the environment is preserved. But only if we start taking responsibility.

It wasn’t until after the verses were recorded that I contacted Charley. We had met in the activist community a few years ago, and I had seen her sing and been impressed. Despite a little bit of writers block to initially, it wasn’t long before Charley delivered her chorus idea (with a little help from Della) and a few days later we recorded it all at my place.

I at least am very happy with how it all turned out. It’s personal. It has meaning. It’s made with people I respect and am glad to work with.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I’ve enjoyed writing, recording and now (finally) releasing it!

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