Selekt Few – Jess Rose (Tribute) feat. Cass

This is a very special song, a tribute to my cousin Jessica Rose Joss who left this world on March 8, 2011 aged 19. Far too young. A wonderful girl with an incredibly bright spirit that I can still see shining in my mind. Many many thanks to Mdusu for the beat.

The loss of Jess changed me and my whole family in ways incomprehensible, and prepared me to endure other painful losses since. It’s a sad reality that people we love in this world will die and often too young.

But that doesn’t mean we should give up.

– Shareef

Here’s the lyrics:

Jessica Joss was born July ninety one
but she never even made it to the age of twenty one
now the whole families gathering under a tree
it’d be nice if it weren’t for the pain within me
the pain within the entire family
just two weeks before your brother turned eighteen
I can’t believe his strength, I wish you could’ve seen
how he held it all together for your mother my aunty.

I can’t comprehend, this new reality-
I swear a just few days ago you wrapped your arms around me
giving me comfort, when I was feeling down
you brought my smile back up from a frown
but that’s now the last memory I’ll ever have of you
I guess I’m kind of glad coz it reflect exactly who
you were, you are, you’ll always be to me
my annoying little cousin you were only nineteen..

I miss you
I miss you
I miss you

A little ray of sunshine is how she was born,
and she still provides us with all kinds of warmth
even though shes gone, our memories remain
shining a bit of light through the worst kind of rain
still making us laugh and alleviating pain
still making us smile til’ the clouds come again
because even though were strong, this is too much to take
no human being should ever lift this kind of weight!

but wait, that doesn’t mean we’re giving up,
we’ll always be here for your brother and your mum
we’ll always be here, like you were for us,
and never will I ever take for granted the ones I love.
I’ve got to say Jess, you brought out the best
in your family and friends, in every one of them,
and every one of your family, and every one of your friends,
hopes the biggest hug of their lives will be awaiting at the end


The day this little girl was taken from my world
left a hole inside the whole of my entire world
left a hole, yeah, inside my world
left a hole inside the whole of my entire world

The day the little girl was taken from my world,
my world, my world, my world.

I miss you
I miss you
I miss you